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Welcome To A Spot Above The Rest Graphics & More

Hi :) i am burked173 from Howrse

A Spot Above The Rest Graphics guarantees always creative and individual graphics for each person. Each custom graphic will ALWAYS be different. It will be specifically made for the breeder. If you are looking for a unique graphic, but can't find it anywhere, you must not have looked here ;)

I am also working on a new section to the site. The "And More" section will include useful help for howrse players.

I also make pre-made layouts which are 100% free to use. See the pre-made layout page too see the choices.

Owner of Burked173 Graphics, now "A Spot Above the Rest Graphics & More".

The Website Name: 'A Spot Above The Rest' was made by Night-Rider. All thanks to her for this great name. Also thanks to my friends who helped to choose the winner. i couldn't have done it without them.






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You can change the equus to a pass or one of the following bm items:

>Philosopher's Stone
>Morpheus' Arms
>Choronos's Timer
>Fertility Wand
>Water Of Youth
>Aphrodite's Tears
>Hestia's gift
>Horn Of Plenty
>Golden Apple
>Eolus's Wind
>Daphne's Laurels
>Golden Spurs
>Sea Horse
>Atlante's Pack
>Centaur's Pack
>Nyx's Pack
>Hera's Pack

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I no longer do drawings for people, They take way too long and I just do not have the time. Sorry for any inconveniences this may cause.